Declaring With A Personal Injury Lawyer

She recalls, “I was heading home on the freeway after an evening meeting and was grateful for the light traffic. A pair of bright headlights in my rear-view mirror caught my attention-someone back there started to change lanes then suddenly jerked back into the lane they were in.” That was odd because there were no other cars near that vehicle. She immediately sensed she should keep an eye on it.

Get in touch with a Florida personal injury lawyer if you think that you have a case. Don’t delay in this or the statute of limitations would prevent you from filing a case. The state laws give you 4 years for this. However, the more you delay talking to a lawyer, the more you lose chances of getting damage recovery.

What is your fee? Most personal injury attorneys, regardless of location, work on a contingency fee. This means that you only pay if they win your case.

Semi trucks are some of the most unpredictable vehicles on the road. To accompany their extreme size and weight, they have large blind spots. Also, they create a decent gust of air all around them that can be enough to cause a vehicle to swerve, or a motorcyclist to lay their bike down. If you look at what the standard mac truck accident lawyer sees in a given day, you’ll learn a lot about what to watch out for.


The lawyer’s job is to prove someone, the defendant, is responsible for your injury. If you’ve been in an accident with a truck, or one of your family was, as a result the injured may no longer be able to work, sometimes indefinitely.

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